LED Downlight

LED Downlight

LED Downlights are for replacing Complete Lighting Fixtures fluorescent lamps and halogen lamps.

Total power consumption is from 1W to 36W, and lumen from 70lm to 1950lm.  

In our Daily life and production, lighting consumes about 20% of the entire power consumption, reducing lighting energy consumption is an important and direct way for the total energy saving. With the shortage of traditional energy sources, LED energy saving is an inevitable trend, but also have a considerable advantage. World energy supply security concerns and actions to address climate change, and promote the worldwide renewable energy technologies and energy industries developed rapidly. In today's increasingly unbalanced electricity demand and production conditions, the most effective way is to improve energy efficiency, by technology, to use less electricity to perform the same task or function. LED down lights are widely used in homes, commercial lighting, discos, hotels, squares, urban lighting, garden lighting, entertainment, building location and other fields. 



  • • Integrated design, stamping with pure aluminum material, with better thermal performance, lower light decline and longer lifetime. 
    • Back lighting emitting design, 30-50% more brightness than side lighting design
    • Anti-glare design, with uniform and soft lighting effect 
    • Patent product, with unique appearance and high quality
    • With CE, SAA, TUV, UL cUL, Rohs Certificates.