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WASKONT Lighting Co. has 3 factories in different regions of China:


1. Waterproof lighting factory

2. General Lighting and Emergency Lighting factory

3. LED lighting factory


Outlook of factory

WASKONT Production Base, 30,000 sqm workshop, employs more than 40 engineers and 300 workers. The total annual production capacity for indoor LED products are more than 6,000,000 units and outdoor LED products are more than 300,000 units.

Production Line

WASKONT are installed 19 Production lines to work on 9 series of LED products. Every production line are equipped QA/QC Officers to do the real time inspection to make sure that every manufacture process are under the quality control system.

Integrating sphere and testing system

WASKONT take an investment for more than 2,000,000 USD to purchase the whole testing system. We provide Authoritative Photometer Distribution files in IES format for professional customers and lighting designers.

Aging testing

Each unit of WASKONT LED products are take a 48-hours aging testing before delivery. Some outdoor LED products would be also doing the IP rating testing, anti-vibration testing and explosion-proof testing.



“Easy and Simple” as a kind of philosophy, is throughout our history and plays a more and more important role to our company and even the whole LED industry.

1. Simplify complex issues, create products easy and simple for customers

Based on our own technology, we mainly research how to simplify all the complex issues to the end customers, and gradually developed out the products which are simple to install (plug and play), to use, and to maintain, and even everybody can act as the engineer to do the maintenance by themselves with our spare parts, and without any possibility of making any mistake because only one way to plug or pass through. We received a very good reaction from the market, thus this designing idea turned out to be an accurate positioning of our company beside the technology advantage. 
At that time, “Easy and Simple” was a designing idea on single products but it hits the point and turned the page of our development.

2. “Easy and Simple”for the other aspects as principle

In the following developing way down, we follow and spread the idea and develop out many series of products, part of them are the whole kit which are plug and play, easy to use and maintain, part of them are light with battery connected external for easy transportation, connection, operation and maintenance.

By this time, “Easy and Simple” was a principle which generates fruitful results for the beneficial of our distributors and customers.

3. “Easy and Simple”becomes as our soul and philosophy

As advantage’s coming up, our business has significantly increased and our company stands out on this field. On one hand, we make more investment to the research and development, making sure the offering of the significant product, On the other hand, we are also building the packaged and efficient service to other important distributors and customers, aim at helping them to become professional in one week and build their own brand in a short time to prior break into and seize the huge market.

Right this time, “Easy and Simple” is becoming our soul and philosophy, because the great and unexpected significance brought to many distributors, they remain within doors (save the trip back and forth), never need to be an engineer (because of our special designing products), never need extra designer (both for appearance,  structure or even graphic design, because designs are already available or we can help to build), we can help customer`s work in all these fields.

We can help distributor`s business a lot with this philosophy which guided our mind forward.