Company Profile

WASKONT Lighting was founded in 1998, devoting nearly 15 years to the development and manufacture of lighting products, including electronic ballast, T5 adapters and then LED products.

WASKONT, with its powerful technology and excellent marketing system, working on providing high quality service to the customers, is growing more and more powerful in lighting industry.

WASKONT care so much about the brand influences and also the satisfactory experience of our customers. So we always put a lot of efforts on the products quality and after sales service. We emphasis on applying for the necessary certificates for our target market , controlling every step of the productions , testing before delivery and tracking each order after delivery.

Presently, the records of our customer database has been up to 7500companies from more than 130 countries. And among them, we have some main customer like:

What you can expect from WASKONT:

  • Wide product range of LED products
  • Best LED solutions for highest return of invests
  • Outstanding LED chip technology
  • Low Power (Multi Cups/Chip on Board)  LED solutions
  • Innovative, energy efficient and environment friendly products
  • Highest quality and very competitive price

WASKONT is one of the fastest growing players within the LED lighting market and one of the few vertically integrated manufacturers for LED components, LED lamps and luminaires worldwide.

WASKONT Company is a leader in LED technologies with innovative, cost efficient and high quality lighting modules.