LED Bulbs and Tubes

WASKONT high power LED bulbs are designed for using in supermarkets, jewellery’s shops, advertisement box, office building or for direct replacement of conventional lamps.

LED Indoor Light

WASKONT LED panel lights are great for using in office, hospital, library, museum, shopping arcade, computer room, bank, subway, railway station, exhibition hall, schools etc.

LED Outdoor Light

Materials Engineering should include scientific and engineering factor which that affect microstructure strength relationships of materials.

LED Emergency Light

WASCONT LED Lighting products can be flexibly used in a very wide variety of application areas

LED Special Light

The development of LED technology progresses at rapid pace, as light efficiency (Lumen/Watt) increases, colour qualities

LED Solar Light

WASKONT care so much about the brand influences and also the satisfactory experience of our customers.

LED Components

Effective, modern and comprehensive tool for lighting planning, intended for the calculation of outdoor and indoor areas, including room surfaces.