LED Bulbs

WASKONT high power LED bulbs are designed for using in supermarkets, jewellery’s shops, advertisement box, office building or for direct replacement of conventional lamps.

As the LED is cold light source, semiconductor lighting itself no environmental pollution, with incandescent, fluorescent lamps, energy-saving efficiency can reach 90%. In the same brightness, the power consumption of only ordinary incandescent lamp 1/10, fluorescent tubes 1/2.LED can directly replace existing halogen, incandescent, fluorescent.

• Stamping with pure aluminum material, lighter and faster heat dissipation structure.

• High brightness up to 95-140lm/W, soft and uniform lighting effect, slow light decline 

• Patent product, with elegant, beautiful, unique appearance design, popular in the market

• Safe, energy saving and environmental friendly 

• Complied with CE, ROHS, UL, cUL standards.

LED light bulb shapes can differ from typical incandescent bulbs.

Below are common bulb types you may be looking to replace.

LED bulbs types
Main types of base for LED bulbs:
Most popular high power LED light bulbs shapes: