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Office Planning Guidelines

Office Planning Guidelines have been based on position entitlements and typically included various hard constructed individual enclosed workspaces.

These types of fit-ups do not allow for flexibility, nor are they environmentally friendly.

In order to reduce our environmental impact and create more flexible and collaborate work spaces, changes have been made based on the principles of the provincial Green Building Policy and the functional requirements of the job.

The objectives of these new guidelines are to enhance the flexibility of the work environment and to support that environment to meet evolving business requirements.

These new guidelines encourage the reduction in our usage of new materials thereby reducing our environmental footprint while at the same time providing office space that is streamlined, efficient and flexible.

These guidelines have been established to help ensure a disciplined, objective, and consistent approach to decision-making, monitoring and reporting on the implementation of space programming.

It is ASD goal to work with Clients to develop programming documents that reflect their needs and incorporate the office planning guidelines to the greatest degree possible.

Note that the new guidelines will contribute to cost savings .

Amongst the significant benefits for all stakeholders, the guidelines will result in an affordable common look and feel for all provincial accommodations and a consistent quality of work environment for provincial employees.



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